Commercial Insurance


Sorting through your insurance needs may seem overwhelming,

 but it doesn’t mean you can ignore them.  At Macomber, Farr & Whitten, we look at the complete picture of your business and take the time to evaluate your needs to ensure that you have the best and most appropriate coverage available.

 If you run a business in this day and age, you know it’s complicated.  Not only do you need a plan that covers your day-to-day business, you need to address any special circumstances that might increase your liability as well.  After all, having the right coverage can make the difference between starting over and going under.

When  was the last time you reviewed your policies?  It may be time to take a second look.  Trust your insurance needs to the professional who know what to look for ad where to find it.  Take advantage of our experience and call our office today to arrange a comprehensive review of your insurance needs.